Valley Bible Academy – St. John's Lutheran Church


Why Valley Bible Academy?

  • Christ-centered education
  • Emphasis on high academic achievement
  • Small class sizes
  • Low student-teacher ratio
  • Christian friendships
  • Complete education of the child – soul, mind, and body.

Berea Lutheran School AdmissionWe offer…

  • Classrooms equipped with computers and internet access
  • Field trips throughout the year to area sites
  • Drama through the presentation of school plays
  • And other activities

Tuition and Fees

Book/Registration Fee:

K4 – $50.00 per student.
K-8 – $100.00 per student.

Registration fees are due on Registration Day prior to the beginning of school.
Registration fees are not to exceed $200 per family.

K4 Tuition: $200.00 per month x9 months per year = $900.00 per year, payable on the
first Monday of each month beginning in September.

K-8th Tuition: $350.00 per month x9 months per year = $3,150.00 per year*, payable on
the first Monday of each month beginning in September.
*Multi-student family discount:

1st student – $350.00 per month
2nd student – $300.00 per month
3rd student – $100.00 per month
4th plus students – no charge

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Enrollment Policy

Applications for members of Valley Bible Academy are accepted throughout the year. There is no registration deadline.

Also, as space, time and our guidelines permit, we welcome children of non-members and are thankful that we have the opportunity to share with others that which our Lord has so generously given to us.

It must always be remembered that we are above all a Christian school (rather than a secular or private school) wherein our purpose is to impress upon students the blessings of God’s love for us in Christ Jesus. We encourage non-member parents to become acquainted with the teachings of St. John’s church and attend our worship services.

Any students with special needs will need to be assessed by our staff to determine whether we will be able to serve them adequately.

Please contact us with any questions.