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Valley Bible Academy Academics

Berea Lutheran School AcademicsValley Bible Academy’s curriculum not only adheres to state guidelines in establishing academic requirements, but is centered on and presents all subject matter in the light of God’s Word. The curriculum offering for grades K-8 are as follows: Religion, Reading, Mathematics, Language Arts (spelling, grammar, writing skills, and penmanship), Social Studies, Science, Music, Art, and Physical Education.

Valley Bible Academy Curriculum Standards


Our curriculum emphasizes Christ and God’s saving love. Grades K-6 receive systematic study of Bible stories, fundamental Christian doctrines, prayers, hymns and Bible verses, which help make God more meaningful in the child’s life. Grades 7&8 receive a more in-depth study of the Bible and participate in confirmation classes with the pastor.


The reading program teaches reading skills including decoding, comprehension, and interpretation. Decoding skills are introduced in Kindergarten and emphasized in Grades 1-3. Comprehension skills are stressed beginning with Grade 3 and continued through Grade 6. Grades 7&8 study novels- some classics and some contemporary fiction (usually Newberry Award winners).


The math program emphasizes the traditional four basic functions – addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Problem solving is introduced in Kindergarten and expanded on in later grades. Grades 5-8 expand on these functions, learn basic geometry skills, and are introduced to Algebra concepts. Depending on ability, Algebra I may be offered in Grade 8.

Language Arts

The language arts program includes the areas of spelling, grammar, writing skills, and penmanship. The goal is learning to properly express oneself through the written word. Penmanship skills are taught in grades 1-4 and continue to be emphasized throughout the elementary grades.

Social Studies

Valley Bible Academy’s program studies God’s hand in geography, history, and government to develop an awareness of the child’s immediate surroundings – home, community, and expanding to include the local area, state, nation, and the world.


The child is exposed to those things that are close to him. We build on this to expand his horizons in the scientific world. We strive to develop a questioning attitude, observant behavior, and an ability to solve problems through the scientific method. We emphasize God’s wonderful design and order in the world of science.


The Lord has given us the gift of music as a wonderful way to praise Him. Our music program strives to give the student growth in the understanding, awareness, and enjoyment of music through participation in singing, listening, and rhythmic movement, as well as a study of music theory and music appreciation. Students present much of what they have learned throughout the year in conjunction with a performance at a program at the end of the year. Our students also have the opportunity to praise their Lord through singing songs of praise in our church worship services and Christmas and Easter programs, as well as in their daily devotions and Hymnology classes.

Physical Education

We strive for the development of fitness, coordination, good health habits, and a proper mental attitude. We use cooperative games and movement activities, and introduce sports such as basketball, soccer, softball, volleyball, etc. Our own playground and area parks are used for Physical Education.